Many thanks to the following interviewees for their intellectual contributions:
COL. CEDRIC LEIGHTON, (USAF-ret.), CNN Military Analyst
ALPHONSINE IMANIRAGUHA, Genocide Survivor & Orphan
CHAMROEUM NHAY, Cambodian Parliament member
SOMOITH SOM, Genocide Survivor
JULIANA SOM, Daughter of Genocide Survivor
HAMID LELLOU, Dean, North Africa expert
RONALD GRANIERI, FPRI Center for the Study of America and the West
JACK TOMARCHIO, FPRI Center for the Study of Terrorism  
COL. RICHARD LACQUEMENT, JR., Dean, US Army War College  
LARRY P. GOODSON, PhD, Professor, US Army War College
DAVID C. BENNETT, Professor, US Army War College
JAMES MACDOUGALL, PhD, Dept. Chair, US Army War College
COL. TARN DEREK WARREN, Professor, US Army War College
MARYBETH ULRICH, PhD, Professor, US Army War College
COL. SALAH ALMAJALI, Jordanian Armed Forces
STANTON S. SHACKETT, Civilian, US Dept. of Army  
SAMUEL HELFONT, Assoc. Scholar, Foreign Policy Research Institute
MICHAEL NOONAN, PhD, Foreign Policy Research Institute
DAVID DANELO, Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Research Institute
GEN. DAVID PETRAEUS, ISAF Commander, Afghanistan (2010-2011)
AMBASSADOR RONALD NEUMANN, Afghanistan (2005-2007)
COL. TIMOTHY RINGGOLD, Security, Energy & Transportation Expert
ZILJUDIN TERLOEV, Special Rep., Federation of Russian Counsel on Human Rights
MALIK TERLOEV, Russian Student, Moscow
ROSE LOPEZ KERAVUORI, Military Intelligence Officer, US Army Reserve
EERO KERAVUORI, Former Operations Ofcr., Dept of State, US Army Reserve
BING WEST, Author, Former Asst. Secretary of Defense
LTC ED FULLMER, US Army Reserve (ret.)
SSG NICK MICCARELLI, PA State Representative, US Army National Guard
SSG JOE DIMOND, US Marine Corps (1998-2008)
AZIZ ROYESH, Principal, Marefat High School, Kabul, Afghanistan
FATEMA JAFARI, Afghan Student, Kabul
ABUZAR ROYESH, Afghan Student, Kabul
QASIM MORADZADAEH, Afghan Student, Kabul
DANIEL YERGIN, author, “The Quest” & “The Prize”
JESSICA LEWIS, Research Director, Institute for the Study of War
GENERAL THOMAS DRAUDE, Pres/CEO, Marine Corps University Foundation       
DR. AMIN TARZI, Director, Middle East Studies, Marine Corps University
MAJOR VICTOR CHIN, Marine attaché - Vietnam (June 2001-June 2014)
ADAM SEITZ, Middle East Studies, Marine Corps University
DENISE SLATER, Latin America expert
BLAGO TASHEV, Eurasia expert
ANNA PASTORE, Eurasia expert
VERN LIEBL, Middle East expert

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Thanks to the following agencies for their resources & general information:
The WORLD FACTBOOK, U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
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